Networks for Government


Local Government Benefits

Municipal and local government agencies are realizing that not only the demand to have broadband access available within their communities has grown exponentially, but as the public’s demand has grown, so has their own needs for broadband grown dramatically.

Additionally, as agencies are faced with tighter operating budgets, the public is demanding that municipal and local agencies provide more enhanced public services.

Due to these challenges, agencies have quickly realized that broadband services enable them to provide these enhanced services that the public is demanding, while operating more efficiently and meeting their budget constraints.

When agencies can enjoy the benefits of a modern broadband voice, video and data network, they are able to serve and monitor their communities more efficiently. By being able to access video surveillance and conferencing systems as well as broadband data and Internet resources, agencies are equipped with the tools needed to both receive, and provide, information instantaneously.

This allows E911 dispatchers and officers to remotely monitor traffic and manage incidents real-time, city clerks and permitting officers to receive and submit information instantaneously, prisoners to be arraigned without transporting, and department heads to meet face-to-face without leaving their offices.

These are all just a few examples of how broadband systems improve the safety and efficiency of communities.

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