Metro Ethernet

pic_metro_ethernetBusinesses are more and more geographically diverse. Branch offices, offices in customer and business partner locations, telecommuters… all these things combined and more lead to valuable parts of your business that cannot be contained within your local network. Despite this fact, these valuable business units must be able to function reliably, and securely everyday. You can’t afford bottlenecks that keep people from being able to get their work done or worse yet connectivity that is unreliable.

The Power of the InLine Cloud

There are many vendors that can sell you wholesale bandwidth and connections, just like there are many companies that can sell you insurance or long distance. This is only part of the equation though. As a business, you want to purchase reliable end to end connectivity, without finger pointing and excuses. As a total solutions provider, InLine can take ownership of every piece of the chain from the desktop workstation that consumes the bandwidth, through the firewalls and routers, to the connectivity itself. This gives you one number to call, and one company to work with regardless of where the problem is located that is preventing you from getting business done.

Support When You Need It

InLine knows that business doesn’t only take place between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday. That’s why we provide a 24×7 Help Desk staffed by trained personnel located right here in our offices. Our support staff is capable of actually fixing your problems, and if necessary we can dispatch trained engineers to your site 24 hours a day to get you back in business.

Unique Solutions

By combining all the unique resources InLine brings to the table, from our CLEC status to our state of the art data centers, to our broad experience in networking technologies both wired and wireless; InLine can develop unique solutions to meet your business needs. Solutions that many other companies cannot offer you because they exist across old legacy business boundaries. We can tailor the best solution based on your business communications needs.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Every InLine circuit is monitored for uptime 24 x 7 x 365. Our Network Operations center is alerted of any client circuit that loses connectivity and we are able to quickly swing into action to get that service back up and running as quickly as possible. For our clients with more critical needs, we can offer a whole portfolio of monitoring and management services to watch the capacity and health of your network, and to proactively manage your network devices.

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