pic_co-locationToday’s business runs on data. How fast can your clients or employees access your servers and data? Will it be accessible first time, every time? You could purchase all the infrastructure required to provide this level of reliability and uptime. You could buy Redundant high speed internet connections, standby electrical generators, monitoring and access control systems, and the technical staff to support it all, but why go to that expense when you can locate your critical servers and data in a state of the art, professionally designed and maintained facility.

A Sound Foundation for Security

The primary datacenter in InLine’s corporate office is the fourth generation data center that InLine has built out to support its business customers. We learned that datacenters are not built for show with glass walls and flat screen monitors. They are essentially vaults, designed to protect your businesses’ secure data. InLine’s state of the art data center is one of the most sophisticated and secure facilities of its kind providing services to corporate and educational customers in the area. InLine’s facility uses a building-within-a-building design philosophy with fully isolated block walls, roof and infrastructure from the main building. This ensures multiple layers of protection for your servers.

InLine has not only a high capacity redundant central battery backup system that can support the entire load of the datacenter for an extended period of time, but also a high capacity natural gas generator. This Generator is large enough to support not only the data center itself, but also the corporate headquarters and its environmental systems. This means that in an event our support staff will not be working by flashlights when solving your problem.

Our State of the Art Co-Location Facility includes:

  • Multiple Tier 1 OC-3 and Gigabit Ethernet Backbones
  • Premium Chatsworth Co-Location Cabinets: 14U and 42U
  • Juniper Powered Network with Gigabit Core
  • Climate-controlled, secure hosting facility (secure entrance Network Op Center, Video surveillance cameras monitor each IDC perimeter and Network Op Center, motion detectors & alarm system)
  • Discretionary Access during business hours. Scheduled Access 24×7. All access is escorted.
  • IP address allocation and DNS services
  • Extensive emergency backup system, including clean, redundant UPS power and generator
  • Fully monitored facility with 24x7x52 Technical Staff
  • Vault Design with Concrete Inner Walls, Double Roof and Access Controlled Inner Doors

Reliable High Performance Connectivity

When InLine was looking for a new corporate location several years ago, we knew connectivity was one of the most important issues. Located on the intersection of not one, but two Self Healing SONET Fiber Optic Rings, our Data Center has two Tier One internet feeds from separate providers over independent fiber rings. Our state of the art Juniper core routers ensure that your applications are routed out the connection that gives you the best performance on a daily basis and in the unlikely event that one of these connections fails, all your traffic is seamlessly routed to the remaining connection. You can rest assured that housing your server at InLine will provide your clients or end users one of the most responsive connections available anywhere.

24 x 7 Monitoring and Management

If you add one of InLine’s Monitoring Options to your co-location package you can rest assured that InLine’s experienced network operations personnel are standing behind your application. We can proactively monitor the health of your server 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even take action to fix problems that may occur for you, before your clients experience downtime.

Add our datacenter InVault package and your application can be reliably backed up to our secured and encrypted backup vault on a daily or even more frequent basis. All hands off with no intervention from you, and you even receive an automatic email every day ensuring your data is protected.

Basic Monitoring Service

This is a passive monitoring service that pings the server and tests up to 3 service ports (port 80, 110 and 25 only) at 5-minute intervals. If ping fails, our monitoring service will notify a pager or e-mail address, or the server will be rebooted.

Silver Monitoring Service

Basic Service plus: If the web/pop/mail port fails, the customer will be notified via e-mail and must contact InLine to have a service restarted. Also allows the customer to choose up to 4 additional ports to have monitored. If any of these ports should fail, the monitoring service will notify the customer via e-mail or pager. The customer is responsible for contacting the technical staff in order to have repairs carried out according the prevailing support policy (including such services as a simple reboot).

Gold Monitoring Service:

As with the Silver Service, the customer can choose up to 7 ports to monitor. If any of these ports should fail, the customer will receive an e-mail and/or pager notification. The monitoring service will likewise alert an on-call technician to the problem and they will automatically fix the problem according to the customer’s pre-existing instructions.

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