Wireless Networks

pic_wirelessAs the world has moved toward wireless technologies, InLine has always been at the leading edge of development. From point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless connections to full citywide broadband networks and full county-wide Wide Area Networks, InLine wireless network services are setting the standard in this constantly evolving field.

InLine wireless networking has made data transfer and communication possible for state and local government projects in which wired or fiber optic systems are simply not feasible due to cost constraints, remote area applications, or geographical deployment barriers.

InLine also deploys wireless networks to help city, county, and state governments cut costs and save money, because InLine wireless connectivity can eliminate the need for T1 lines and telco services that generate monthly recurring costs for government. InLine makes it possible for governments to own their own network, and connect their facilities through their own private network, which makes much more fiscal sense than paying out thousands of annual dollars to service providers.

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