Natchez City-Wide Fiber Networks


City-Wide Fiber Network

Construction and Design: 12/1/04 – 4/30/05

Service Contract: 7/1/05 – Present

Project Scope: Metropolitan Area Ethernet Fiber Based Network

InLine’s Engineers and Construction teams deployed a fiber based network across the Historic City of Natchez Mississippi to interconnect all of the district’s schools at Gigabitspeeds. This network consists of several miles of fiber optics deployed using InLine’simplementation teams and represents over a 100 fold increase in inter-school bandwidthover the existing deployment. This network is being used to enable distance learning,inter-school communication, a centralized domain architecture, centralized backupservices, unified management, centralized Internet with firewall and filtering services, and remote site security systems with real-time video monitoring.

InLine worked with the NASD personnel to receivee-rate funding for this project that offset 90% of the cost to the district.InLine ran over 480,000 feet of the fiber in the historical City of Natchez, MS to connectthe city’s entire school district at 1000Mbps vs. its existing system running at 1.5Mbps.InLine surveyed this project even during the hardship after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in this southern Mississippi town.

Geographic Size: 30 Miles of Fiber
Number of Users: 2000+
Number of Sites: 9

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