Murfreesboro Mobile Data Network


Mobile Data Network

Construction and Design: November 2005- May 2006

Project Scope: Municipal Broadband Network Integration
Jurisdiction Size: 39 sq. miles
Mobile Broadband: Over 75 sq. miles of coverage.
Number of Users: 1000+
Number of Sites: 23 plus Mobile Broadband for hundreds of vehicles

InLine’s network and construction teams designed a citywide network enabling Murfreesboro public safety locations to share resources and exchange information between the protected Police Headquarters LAN servers and all police and fire precincts.

This network enables the sharing of all network resources including, but not limited to; Internet Access, Firewall, Content Filter, network servers, printers, workstations, anti-virus server, and DHCP server. InLine designed the network layout, installed as specified, and provided all the electronics and hardware for the network including the wireless equipment, towers, switches, and firewalls. 

System Summary:

  • Community-wide Broadband Access
  • Mobile Broadband up to 3Mbps @ over 60 MPH
  • 8 Towers enable over 75 sq. miles of Mobile Broadband
  • Fully redundant fiber & wireless hybrid backbone
  • Fixed data connections ranging from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Interconnects all municipal into unified network
  • Carrier Class systems enable private networks
  • Carrier system enables resource sharing models

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