Jefferson Davis County-Wide School Network


County-Wide School Network

 Construction Time: 3/1/03-7/1/03

Service Contract: 7/1/03-Present

Project Scope: County-Wide Education Network Design and Deployment

InLine’s team of engineers designed and implemented a network that spans the entire county, utilizing Short & Long-haul fiber in concert with Carrier-Class microwave radios. This network supports over 1500 users at 8 locations with 1000Mbps between locations and includes a redundant Internet connection.  This system required the implementation of over 25 managed VLAN’s to provide student, faculty, and administrative networks over the same system.

This system also supports an out-of-band maintenance and support network that InLine’s engineers utilize to monitor and maintain the system. This network currently provides LAN, WAN, Internet, Video Conferencing and Real Time Video Security for the school board that has enabled them to eliminate numerous costly T1 lines by consolidating all of their data, voice, and videoconference Distance Learning systems into a single network. This system was completed on time within a 120-day time frame.

Geographic Size: Complete County-Wide Coverage (630 square miles)
Number of Users: 1500+
Number of Sites: 8

InLine also deploys wireless networks to help city, county, and state governments cut costs and save money, because InLine wireless connectivity can eliminate the need for T1 lines and telco services that generate monthly recurring costs for government. InLine makes it possible for governments to own their own network, and connect their facilities through their own private network, which makes much more fiscal sense than paying out thousands of annual dollars to service providers.


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