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For more than 25 years, InLine has been the service provider of choice for a broad range of clients. With over 140,000 miles of fiber network in 17 states, InLine delivers dependable and cost-effective carrier broadband services.

InLine’s reliable Internet and WAN solutions provide service for businesses large and small, connectivity for schools and universities, and the backbone state and local governments require. Our guaranteed 99.9% uptime ensures your organization keeps up with the speed of today’s interconnected world.

InLine also stands alone as an end-to-end communications and technology provider. Where other carriers’ service stops at the door, InLine offers the complete solution.

InLine’s dedicated staff serves clients nationwide from numerous regional offices. Join our roster of enthusiastic customers today!

What is Broadband?

“Broadband is always-on, high-speed internet access.”

Businesses are more and more geographically diverse. Branch offices, offices in customer and business partner locations, telecommuters, all these things combined and more lead to valuable parts of your business that cannot be contained within your local network. Despite this fact, these valuable business units must be able to function reliably, and securely everyday. You can’t afford bottlenecks that keep people from being able to get their work done or worse yet connectivity that is unreliable.

Business benefits:

  • Enable secure remote access
  • Provide connectivity for branch offices
  • Maximum reliability and uptime for critical business functions

Why choose InLine?

“As a Total Solutions Provider, InLine can take ownership of every piece of the chain from the desktop workstation that consumes the bandwidth, through the firewalls and routers, to the connectivity itself.”

By combining all the unique resources InLine brings to the table, from our CLEC status to our state of the art data centers, to our broad experience in networking technologies both wired and wireless, InLine can develop unique solutions to meet your business needs.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Over 140,000 miles of fiber built
  • 24×7 help desk
  • Speeds up to 10gbps
  • 99.99% reliability
  • Guaranteed up-time

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